Safe, Caring and Inclusive Schools

Safe, Caring and Inclusive Schools

Welcome to the Safe, Caring and Inclusive School (SCIS) team page for Rockway Public School.

What is the purpose and role of an SCIS team?

The purpose of our team is to promote a positive school climate within the school and school community, and the team acts in an advisory role to the school principal.  The team will engage stakeholders in the school community in order to raise awareness of the importance of a positive school climate to all areas of student achievement.  The team will identify areas for improvement through analysis of the School Climate Survey data and through consideration of other information regarding gaps or needs.  The team will assist the school administration with development and implementation of the school’s bullying prevention and intervention plan.

What is positive school climate?

Positive school climate will be achieved where healthy and respectful relationships exist among members of the school community and where involvement of all members of the community is encouraged.  In such a school, students are guided to be positive leaders and role models, and improvement of learning outcomes is emphasized for all students.  In addition, diversity is valued and everyone feels safe, welcome and included.  Hurtful behaviour and language are not accepted in a school with a positive school climate.

How can I get more information, make suggestions, or ask questions?

Please contact the school principal, Bobbie-Jo Lovell, or speak with any of the team members.
The WRDSB has created a web page reflecting the Safe Schools.  Please click on the following link to go to the WRDSB webpage.

For a definition of Bullying, please click on the attached excerpt (Bullying definition) taken from the WRDSB Bullying Prevention and Intervention Plan.     The entire WRDSB Bullying Prevention and Intervention Plan can be found below.

For more information about the WRDSB’s Anti-Bullying procedures, please click the attached procedures:

A lot of changes are taking place within your school and within the Waterloo Region District School Board (WRDSB) in the area of “bullying prevention and intervention”. This document has been prepared by WRAPSC to highlight some of the changes for you. Questions for WRAPSC can be sent to To learn more about changes specific to your school, you should contact your school’s principal/vice-principal.

Bullying Prevention and Intervention update for parents

Also, please see the People 4 Education ( for more information about the Safe, Caring and Inclusive Schools.

This website connects you to PREVNet – a Canadian organization that is considered a world leader in bullying prevention

This document is a Ministry of Education primer on the most recent legal changes in the area of Safe and Accepting schools.

When a parent would like to communicate a concern to the school/school board, the following Administrative Procedure outlines the guidelines for doing so.