We’d like to share with you two upcoming events that you may be interested in attending and/or advertising with your school community. Both organizers have provided flyers and other methods you can use to communicate the opportunity. WRAPSC is happy to help school councils advertise events that are open to the broader community. Keep us in mind for your council events!

Digitial Citizenship Summit

On Saturday, November 26, the WRDSB is hosting ‘Families in a Digital World ~ a Digital Citizenship Summit’ for adult family members of children attending WRDSB schools. This is a FREE event, being held at Bluevale Collegiate from 8:30 to 2:00. The day includes a Keynote address by Jennifer Moss – local entrepreneur and social media expert, and 3 sessions with a variety of presenters offering topics of interest to families related to Digital Learning, Citizenship and Social Media use among children, youth and young adults. One of our presenters is Cat Coode – a frequently requested speaker on the topic of Social Media and our Children – anyone who attends this day will have 2 opportunities to hear her speak – at no cost! And there are many other amazing presenters as well!!

Information about the day, including schedules, lunch, child care, presenters, registration and volunteering can be found on the event website at

We want to ensure that we reach as many WRDSB families as possible with information about this event. It has already been advertised on the board and school websites and on their Facebook page. We would now like to ask YOUR help to promote the event!!

Here are 4 easy ways you can help:

1) There is an updated poster attached to this email (SummitFlyer.pdf). Please print and post on the School Council bulletin board in your school. (Feel free to forward this email to someone at the school to print for you!) You can also request that a nice bright lime green paper copy of the poster be delivered to your school (Susan Watt will be happy to do this!)

2) If you have a mailing list for the parents on your school’s council, please forward this email to them, with a request that they forward on to their friends and family.

3) Talk it up with your friends!

4) Use any of your social media circles – Facebook, Twitter to share information about the event! Feel free to share the links from the board or school website or their Facebook page!

We want to see every school represented that day!! Please help to ensure that happens!!

Thank you so much! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email Susan at

I hope to see you at the Summit on November 26! REGISTER NOW and bring a friend!

Thank you so much for your support of this event!

Teaching Empathy and Gratitude to Your Kids/Teens

Baden PS Parent Council is hosting a free Keynote Speaker event on Nov 21st and we are pleased to invite parents from our local school communities to join us in attendance. We have sent an invitation to select schools within the WRDSB, however we hope to reacher a broader audience to invite parents from schools across the WRDSB. We are hopeful that you can assist us in sharing the details of this event with the WRAPSC membership community. The following advertising materials are attached:

  • Colored poster (School Poster – Dr Karyn Gordon) advertising the event: can be posted at visible locations around school
  • SchoolDay Announcement (SchooDay Announcement – Dr Karyn Gordon): can be posted on the school’s SchoolDay announcements
  • School Website Announcement (School Website News Announcement – Dr Karyn Gordon) + Keynote Invitation attachment (Keynote Invitation): can be posted on the school’s website in the news news feed for example

We have also retweeted this event at @bdnwrdsb from @StoneKriss should anyone wish to retweet or add to their social media.

Supported by the 2016-2017 PRO Grant, this event is designed to encourage and support parent, guardian and caregiver engagement in their children’s learning achievement and well-being.

Thank you kindly in advance for your assistance,

Chair, Mental Health & Wellness Committee

Baden PS Parent Council

Jessica & Laurie
Jessica Rodriguez ( WRAPSC Co-Chair 2015-2017)
Laurie Tremble (PIC & WRAPSC Co-Chair 2014-2017)


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